Tom Atkins

Join us for a conversation about our favorite horror Anthology, Creepshow from 1982 and Director George A. Romero! It’s an episode filled with decaying zombies, creepy crawlies, things in crates and even human head birthday cakes! Its a tribute to one of the greatest Horror directors of all time and Creepshow! Make...

Halloween is finally here and we’re celebrating with Halloween 3 Season of the Witch from 1982. Join us as we discuss the drunken adventures of Dan Challis! Plus we talk about our own fond Halloween Trick or Treat Memories! Happy Halloween! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

This week we take a look at the 80’s horror classic Night of the Creeps and gush about how awesome Tom Atkins is! Zombies, Creepy Crawlies, and the silver fox! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes