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Halloween is finally here and we’re celebrating with Halloween 3 Season of the Witch from 1982. Join us as we discuss the drunken adventures of Dan Challis! Plus we talk about our own fond Halloween Trick or Treat Memories! Happy Halloween! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

Join us as we talk about one of the greatest Zombie horror comedies ever made, Return of the Living Dead from 1985! Its Punks, zombies, medical supplies and BRAINS!! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

Grab your sleeping bags and pitch your tents! We’re going camping! Join Chris and Brian as they review two summer camp horror movies, The Burning (1981) and Sleepaway Camp (1983)! Oh the horrors of Camping! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

Chris and Brian go hiking in the wilderness with the 1981 slasher film Just Before Dawn and things don’t go well! When a group of young people go for a weekend in the mountains they get more than they bargained for from crazy hill folk in this slasher movie take on Deliverance! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher –...

Join us as we review the amazing experience of seeing John Carpenter LIVE performing his famous Film themes! Plus we review Carpenter’s First major theatrical film, Assault on Precinct 13! Its a White Hot night of Hate!

Chris and Brian talk about 3 movies that have been forgotten on VHS as well as wax nostalgic about their video rental store memories. Join us as we encounter farting zombies, gross 80’s jokes and a bit of the ol’ Video Violence! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

The return of Audio Dead with the horror-comedy Schlock masterpiece that is the Toxic Avenger! Chris and Brian unleash their inner 12 year old selves to talk about toilet humor, goat sex, body functions and we even talk about the Toxic Avenger too! Listen in deadites! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

We talk about Tobe Hooper’s underappreciated sequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 from 1986. Will Leatherface find love with his Chainsaw? Does Chop Top find love with a coat hanger? Does the cook qualify for a small business loan? We find out and take a close look at the influence this film has had on a certain...

We work up the courage to discuss Lucio Fulci’s New York Ripper! Bizarre sex scenes, nonsense plot, and of course eye trauma! This time we watch it so you don’t have to. Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

This week we take a look at the 80’s horror classic Night of the Creeps and gush about how awesome Tom Atkins is! Zombies, Creepy Crawlies, and the silver fox! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes