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We’re totally getting into the spirit of the season by having a conversation about the entirety of the Halloween Movie series including our thoughts on the upcoming 2018 sequel/reboot! Get ready to laugh, cry, and scream as we discuss one of the most beloved and disjointed horror film series ever! Make certain to...

We’re heading back to Crystal Lake for the 2009 Michael Bay produced remake of Friday the 13th! You know the formula, a bunch of kids go camping at Crystal Lake to drink, do drugs, have premarital sex and of course get butchered by a machete wielding maniac in a Hockey Mask! Join us for a discussion of this...

It’s like the Ring but with sex. Chris and Brian talk about one of the most divisive horror films of the last decade and even they can’t agree on it! Join us for a lively debate about dull characters! Its It follows On Episode 23 on Audio Dead Horror Podcast

Halloween is finally here and we’re celebrating with Halloween 3 Season of the Witch from 1982. Join us as we discuss the drunken adventures of Dan Challis! Plus we talk about our own fond Halloween Trick or Treat Memories! Happy Halloween! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

Join us as we talk about one of the greatest Zombie horror comedies ever made, Return of the Living Dead from 1985! Its Punks, zombies, medical supplies and BRAINS!! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

Grab your sleeping bags and pitch your tents! We’re going camping! Join Chris and Brian as they review two summer camp horror movies, The Burning (1981) and Sleepaway Camp (1983)! Oh the horrors of Camping! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

Chris and Brian go hiking in the wilderness with the 1981 slasher film Just Before Dawn and things don’t go well! When a group of young people go for a weekend in the mountains they get more than they bargained for from crazy hill folk in this slasher movie take on Deliverance! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher –...

Join us as we review the amazing experience of seeing John Carpenter LIVE performing his famous Film themes! Plus we review Carpenter’s First major theatrical film, Assault on Precinct 13! Its a White Hot night of Hate!

This Week Chris and Brian take on the David Bowie Starring Vampire flick, The Hunger from 1983 Directed by Tony Scott. Come for the Bowie, stay for the infamous Lesbian sex scene! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes

Join Chris and Brian for the Very first episode of their horror podcast Audio Dead as they jump into 1988 horror and special fx classic The Blob! Listen on Google Play – Stitcher – iTunes